A project manager is someone that can initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria’s. We believe that projects that involves more than one person (either consultants or developers) needs a project manager in one form or another. It could be a person from your own team that have project management experience (preferable ERP project experiences) or we could assist with a project manager from our team.

Our project managers all have Microsoft Dynamics NAV experience (instead of just general ERP knowledge), which we believe is a certain advantage. In some cases the project managers that we deploy are also participating as consultant within one of the areas of the application.


ECS have a proven project management methodology that can be applied to full Dynamics NAV implementations as well as smaller projects such as integrations and individual business process optimizations. The methodology consists of a number of steps, from the initial analysis and proof of concepts to the deployment and user support. We use a traceability matrix to make sure all requirements are captured and solutions are provided. The traceability matrix is something that lives through the project, from start to finish. In parallel with this are quality assurance documents such as designs for customizations and go-live checklists. We believe that a big part of implementing Dynamics NAV is repeatable and we therefor supply reusable templates that can be tailored for all the deliverables (instead of inventing new types for each project).

If you have your own implementation methodology that you want to use then we are happy to adopt and work according to that. We understand that each customer and each project is unique and will adopt accordingly.

Contact us today to hear more about our implementation method and how we are managing Dynamics NAV projects.