Our consultants have between 10 to 15 years experinec with implementing Dynamics NAV. They are the once that will listen to your business requirements, understand and absorbe how your company operates and translate that in to Dynamics NAV best practice and applied to each of your business processes. There expertise will help you to optimize your business processes and share their knowledge by the way of training and tranfering the masterdata from your legacy system to Dynamics NAV. The consulting services we offer includes business process optimizations, training and data migration.

Business Process Optimization

Business process optimizations focuses on improving company’s performance by managing and optimizing the business processes that are carried out in Dynamics NAV. A lot of the times it is about finding the best way of working with the application, and determining who is doing what in what order. The result is better managed and more streamlined processes where unnecessary tasks and data entries are eliminated. This is especially important in today’s competitive world, and you do want to make sure that you get the most out of your Dynamics NAV investment.

Related to optimizing a process is also to adopt a ‘best practice’. There are over 100.000 companies using Dynamics NAV and working with the application the way it was designed to be used and the way others are using it is in a lot of cases the key to success (especially within the warehouse and manufacturing areas where we sometimes see users struggling with cumbersome workarounds because the application was not used the way it is intended to be used).

Our goal is always to apply Dynamics NAV according to ‘best practices’ and to use the application as it was designed to be used and apply customizations where it adds values to the business.


Part of the consulting role is to train users and inspire them to take ownership in their role in the application. We provide both standard classroom training and tailored one on one training. The trainings can be done at your location or remote.

Data Migrations

Part of the consultant role when implementing Dynamics NAV is to migrate or update data in Dynamics NAV. It could be master data like Customers, Vendors, Items, Production BOMs, etc. or it could be transactional data like Open Accounts Receivables, Inventory Levels, Open Orders, etc.